What self care really means

This is what I know of self care.

Self care isn’t always a long bath with candles and a lush bomb with a gold face mask on your face. Self care isn’t just clear skin and doing your eyebrows regularly.

Self care is something as simple as going to bed earlier, learning to accept yourself for what you are, letting go of a bad friend who no longer benefits you or makes you happy! Self care isn’t always looking after yourself physically but mentally too. ❀️

Thought you needed to know this πŸ€—


3 Cute and Simple Christmas/New Years outfits

Hey hey hey! Or shall I say “Ho, ho, ho…” ;p

Everytime I walk outside I feel the cold breeze filling my lungs, the Christmas lights hanging on trees (giving me this amazing vibe) and people laughing and having fun. This is simply the best time of the year…

*snap, snap* back to reality, Kim! You can dream what you want but how is it possible to enjoy Christmas and New Years looking like a homeless?? Well I don’t even want to know. I think it’s time for a make-over.

Outfit #1

This is my favourite outfit it looks like a dress but it actually is a jumpsuit. The black and red detail on it makes it cozy and you really won’t have to put any effort in it to look this cute. I wear this with some leather boots.

  • Dress – bershka
  • Boots – sacha

Outfit #2

This dress is made of whool and has a pretty white/grey color. This dress is also very simple so I would keep it that way. If I had the money for it, I would wear this dress it with high heel boots. Black ofcourse. Or if you don’t have it, wear normal boots or just sneakers.

  • Grey dress – primark
  • High heel boots – zara

Outfit #3

The last outfit is a little black dress with a halter. This is beautiful to wear with a leather jacket and leather boots but also with heels or sneakers.

  • Black dress – primark
  • Adidas superstars – adidas.com
  • Leather jacket – zara

These are all my Christmas and New Years clothes I’m gonna wear this year. Hopefully you like them and is helpful.

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. πŸ™‚ Check out my instagramaccount: k.imja for more outfits!

Loves, Kim

Damn… I could FALL for you anytime!

Oh, hey there! I hope my planning tips and the casual ootd’s may have worked these last couple of weeks :P.

Next stop… FALL OOTD’S!

Yes, yes it’s officially fall now and we really need to start having more outfits before it’s winter!

I’m not much of a winter person, although I am born in the winter. But these ootd’s are definitely my style!

[The season we call fall was once referred to simply as β€œharvest” to reflect the time when farmers gathered their crops for winter storage, roughly between August and November.] – meaning of the season fall/autumn.

Okay, so what I get of this meaning is that it’s getting colder… what do we need then? Of course: cozy, fluffy and warm clothes!

1. The first ootd is about knitted and cotton sweaters, a bit winter-going.

This outfit has a sweater with a beautiful color for fall -it’s neutral because the sand colored sweater matches her hair-. I advice you to wear a sweater with the same color as your hair. This outfit is paired with boots, it gives very cozy vibes. You should wear a skinny jeans with this one. So it wouldn’t be much baggy (the sweater already is). And of course don’t forget the beautiful shoulder bag:).

2. The second ootd is about long coats and shawls.

Fall is all about green, brown and other neutral colors that is made by Mother Nature. So let’s go for that. Wear your favorite shirt or sweater (cole shirt) with a good fitting jeans, skirt or what so ever. Put on a long coat that feels warm, keep in mind to wear colors that actually match with each other. With this outfit doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you wear, but the theme is kinda sweet and formal so I wouldn’t wear high sneakers with it. A big colorful themed shawl would fit in perfectly.

3. And finally, the third ootd “the fancy pants“.

Okay, this ootd is super trendy and I really like the pants. (My friends always make fun of it and call it “the fancy pants”). I actually think it’s more a going-to-work outfit but still it’s very cute. The funny thing is, you can wear whatever top you want! A fit shirt, a baggy sweater, a fluffy jacket and more…

Thank you so so much by reading my posts πŸ˜€ I wouldn’t thought that I would be posting things at all in the first place! But I found out it actually is a good distraction and I really hope that my posts help you with your struggles.

What do you think of this style? I’m trying to be posting more different styles. Oh! And don’t worry, these styles are 50/50 winter styles and fall styles for moments when it’s more colder ;).

If you haven’t done it, go follow my instagram: kimberleyabels for more fall/winter styles!

Have a good day,


*Walking casually over the street runway*

Hey! You’ve probably been waiting so long for my next post and I’m very sorry. I struggled with what to post next. I promise to post more often ;).

So… I told you in my “about” to post more about fashion, well that’s what this post is going to be about. I’m going to give you some clothing inspiration for what to wear and I hope it’s useful!

These ootd’s are very casual -AND STILL STYLISH- because I always struggle with what to wear to school (we don’t wear uniforms). I didn’t do it just to find a good outfit for school, but it would also be useful when you’re going out or so. I have 3 different outfits for you :D.

Ootd 1:

Ootd 1

This outfit is kinda badass yet feminine. It says “I’m cute but you can’t mess with me”. People would think you’re strong. What would be great for your confidence! I would pair this outfit with a pair of sneakers or maybe some black block heals. It would be amazing with a black leather jacket though.

Ootd 2:

Ootd 2
You can see that this outfit is very simple and cozy. For a day when you have no time to find something more formal, this could work too. The skirt is cute and basic that matches good with the sweater. Also because of the jeans skirt, you can put a colorful sweater or shirt on. Even a black or white one. If you lose track of time, it wouldn’t be a problem if you just pick a shirt. It will all fit perfect. A beautiful shoulder bag would definitely finish the look. It makes it more stylish without trying. By the way, a belt isn’t always for a pants or skirt that is a bit too big, it also makes it a bit more urban. It looks like you actually take care of things, ha ha, but it’s not necessary though. This outfit is an urban style which means that sneakers would better fit with this look. Sandals or heels could work too but because of the more city going it just makes it feel better to wear sneakers. Also if you’re late for something, I wouldn’t wear heels or sandals ;). It would also look more sporty with a pair of sneakers.

Ootd 3:

I LOVE stripes. Stripes makes it very neutral and it’s a good mix with the jeans jacket. I would wear a skinny jeans with this outfit. A baggy one could work too but… I mean, what could go wrong with a skinny jeans?? And the converse all stars shoes! Yes, that’s a must. To make this outfit more colorful just carry a cute backpack with a nice color.

This is it for now. Tell me what you think of them :). I really am going to post more! I like to post about fashion for you guys. And it keeps me busy which I am happy with. Please, follow me on instagram: k.imja. For more fashion inspiration of myself.

Good luck finding an outfit, xoxo.

Let’s be organized!

I have always learned to be organized in life. That’s the most important thing, right? I am used to make a planning, but I’m that one person who never looks at it. Too bad!

Well I’ve got this hack that always reminds you that there is a planning waiting for you.

πŸ—’ First of all we need to have a planning! I’ve made two plannings, one for schooldays and one for holidays. (You can see my school planning at the head of this post).

πŸ– Mark the important things with different colors, for example the times that are very necessary like when you need to wake up or need to have lunch. So it’s clear that you definitely need to do this, it is like a little warning.

πŸ“² Put it on a place you know for sure you walk past by or at the wall next to your bed, you can even put it in your calendar or agenda on your phone. I have mine on my closet, because I know when I wake up the first thing I do in the morning is to put something more comfortable on.

πŸ›Ž It is important that you do the things on your list, but you only walk two times a day past it. You’re not very helping, Kim… Well don’t worry, we always have a solution. If you have a phone or iPad or whatever you like to have with you, use it! Go to your clock and put in your alarm, the times you need to do your stuff. So when the time comes it will remind you to do it.

πŸ”ͺ If you are 10 minutes late to do your homework, well then you definitely need to focus more! Just go do your homework and when it is the time to do something fun, you need to punish yourself a bit and have 10 minutes of the time you’re supposed to watch YouTube for your homework. Be strict to yourself, because these are your priorities. You will see, you won’t regret it later when you pass the test. πŸ˜‰

This is how to be organized in life if you keep doing this everyday. If you want to know anything else, just comment. Thank you for reading!