*Walking casually over the street runway*

Hey! You’ve probably been waiting so long for my next post and I’m very sorry. I struggled with what to post next. I promise to post more often ;).

So… I told you in my “about” to post more about fashion, well that’s what this post is going to be about. I’m going to give you some clothing inspiration for what to wear and I hope it’s useful!

These ootd’s are very casual -AND STILL STYLISH- because I always struggle with what to wear to school (we don’t wear uniforms). I didn’t do it just to find a good outfit for school, but it would also be useful when you’re going out or so. I have 3 different outfits for you :D.

Ootd 1:

Ootd 1

This outfit is kinda badass yet feminine. It says “I’m cute but you can’t mess with me”. People would think you’re strong. What would be great for your confidence! I would pair this outfit with a pair of sneakers or maybe some black block heals. It would be amazing with a black leather jacket though.

Ootd 2:

Ootd 2
You can see that this outfit is very simple and cozy. For a day when you have no time to find something more formal, this could work too. The skirt is cute and basic that matches good with the sweater. Also because of the jeans skirt, you can put a colorful sweater or shirt on. Even a black or white one. If you lose track of time, it wouldn’t be a problem if you just pick a shirt. It will all fit perfect. A beautiful shoulder bag would definitely finish the look. It makes it more stylish without trying. By the way, a belt isn’t always for a pants or skirt that is a bit too big, it also makes it a bit more urban. It looks like you actually take care of things, ha ha, but it’s not necessary though. This outfit is an urban style which means that sneakers would better fit with this look. Sandals or heels could work too but because of the more city going it just makes it feel better to wear sneakers. Also if you’re late for something, I wouldn’t wear heels or sandals ;). It would also look more sporty with a pair of sneakers.

Ootd 3:

I LOVE stripes. Stripes makes it very neutral and it’s a good mix with the jeans jacket. I would wear a skinny jeans with this outfit. A baggy one could work too but… I mean, what could go wrong with a skinny jeans?? And the converse all stars shoes! Yes, that’s a must. To make this outfit more colorful just carry a cute backpack with a nice color.

This is it for now. Tell me what you think of them :). I really am going to post more! I like to post about fashion for you guys. And it keeps me busy which I am happy with. Please, follow me on instagram: k.imja. For more fashion inspiration of myself.

Good luck finding an outfit, xoxo.


Author: kimberleyabels

Hey everyone! I am Kimberley, but of course you can call me Kim ;). I am 15 years old, 16 years next February. I have a passion for dancing and drawing. I am very interested in fashion, that's what I'm mostly going to talk about. I definitely love the nature, it is so beautiful that it gives me chills. It makes me always feel better when I'm outside even for just a few minutes. Also when I'm really stressed out, I like to be alone and have good music in my ears. I have always dreamed of when I'm older to have my own little apartment somewhere in a nice environment, to visit beautiful places and maybe when I have more experience I might as well travel the world. You only have one life to live, so why not enjoy it? At the moment I am transferred to an agency, it isn't full time but I would love to do more with it in the future. I am now in high school and this year am I going to choose what I want to study later. I will probably go to the Economics path. I like to work on a desk and using my brain. I might as well think about the opportunity to study ethical hacking, I find it pretty interesting. If you have any questions, please ask! I would love to answer them. Check out my Instagram: kimberleyabels for more posts. Have a nice day!

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